New Member Special

Starting September 1st you pay $150 and you will become a member of Stagg Hill Golf Club for September, October, November and December of 2018.  No greens for you during this time.  This does not include cart fees.  The $150 covers your one time initiation fee which is mandatory to become a member.  Special is only available to new members. 


Board of Directors Nominations

Stagg Hill Golf Club will have 4 Board  Positions open beginning in the calendar year 2019.  We have 3 positions that will be 3 year terms and 1 position that will be a 1 year term.  If you are interested in running for a Board position, please turn your  name into Dusty at the Stagg Hill Club House or communicate with Lonnie Funk (Nominating Committee Chair) your name and contact phone number.  Lonnie can be reached at 785-539-5609, 785-565-1340 or e-mail


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Donated Projects on the Course

We are excited to share with you pictures of a couple of projects that have been completed that were donated to the course!  First off a huge Thank You to the Board of Directors of Stagg Hill Golf Club.  They personally donated money to have the tree stump on Hole 10 transformed into a really neat carving.

There were also some landscaping improvements made around the Triple Tee Pavilion and it looks great!  Those improvements were donated by the Jack Roets Memorial and the Stagg Hill Ladies Organization.  Thank You to everyone that cares so much about our course!


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Stagg Hill is over 80 years old!

A Little History about Stagg Hill Golf Club:

Filinger Park

The game of golf has been played at what we now know as Stagg Hill Golf Club since the 1920's, although for several years it was operated by the American Legion on top of Stagg Hill. On February 2, 1937, a meeting was held to take over the American Legion operation and officially February 11, 1937 Stagg Hill Golf Club was incorporated. In 1937 a round of golf was $0.50 and an annual membership $5.00 and 7,000 rounds were played. The club netted $50 the first year. In 1967 land was purchased from Dr. George Filinger (Johnny Kaw creator) for construction of the current golf course to be called Stagg Hill Golf Club at Filinger Park, not the Johnny Kaw Course as suggested. Stagg Hill opened for play in 1968 with life time initiation fee for membership of $125 and annual dues of $100. On February 11, 2017 Stagg Hill Golf Club, Inc. turned 80.

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